Case Application- Jushi Group Jiujiang CO., LMT.’ Multi-Functional Lecture Hall

August 10, 2023

Recently, the multi-functional lecture hall of Jushi Group Jiujiang CO., LMT., which was built by First Audio, has been officially put into use to meet the needs of the company's team building, thematic training, medium and large-sized meetings, as well as press releases and other scenarios, which provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of various activities of the company.



In order to ensure that the multifunctional lecture hall sound transmission in line with national technical standards of sound pressure level, satisfy the sound transmission gain, coverage, sound field uniformity, language clarity, restore the sound and image positioning accuracy and other objective indicators. 

First Audio sound engineering team according to the size of the lecture hall and the use of the function, designed a scientific and reasonable, advanced performance of the sound amplification system program, configured with durable, high-quality sound reinforcement equipment, so that the entire venue of the sound system design with scientific, accurate and advanced.



After a rigorous field investigation and heartfelt screening, it was decided to use two sets of line array speakers hanging on both sides of the stage as the main sound reinforcement, to ensure that there is enough sound pressure level in the field, so that the sound evenly covers the venue, to meet the sound reinforcement needs of various types of meetings and reports of the Jushi Group.


Stage return speakers using 4 full-range speakers, full and mellow mid-range, clear and delicate high frequency, high sensitivity, strong penetration, high degree of source reproduction, for the stage speakers, performers to provide better listening support.

Six full-frequency sound reinforcement boxes were installed in the audience area in the back, for the middle and back of the field sound reinforcement, to ensure that each position in the hall to achieve uniform and full sound effect, so that each audience to enjoy a first-class listening experience. At the same time, First Audio also configured a number of amplifier equipment and mixing console products for the lecture hall.





First Audio sound reinforcement system restores excellent sound quality effect, stable performance, easy to operate, the whole set of sound reinforcement system design is reasonable, adaptable, and able to meet the different functional requirements of the lecture hall, which won the unanimous praise of the leadership of Jushi Group Jiujiang CO., LMT.