Fidek headlines-The third batch of postdoctoral workstation opening report meeting was successfully held

July 15, 2023

        Build nests to attract phoenixes to add vitality to the source.gather talents to attract wisdom and seek all-round development. On the afternoon of July 13, 2023, the postdoctoral scientific research workstation of First Audio Manufacturing (Guangzhou) Ltd. successfully held the review meeting of the third batch of postdoctoral research topic opening reports.

        Director Luo Xueyan of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Huadu District, Section Chief Wu Xiangli of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Huadu District, Professor Meng Zihou of Communication University of China, Professor Yu Guangzheng of South China University of Technology, Professor Cai Nian of Guangdong University of Technology, Professor Xu Shaoqiu of Guangdong University of Technology, Director Huang Haotian of Tanbu Town Economic Office, Chairman Shen Qingkai of Guangzhou First Audio Co., Ltd., General Manager of Guangzhou First Audio Co., Ltd. Wang Benyin and relevant R&D technicians attended the meeting and participated in the review meeting of Dr. Yuan Bowen's opening report to strictly control the quality of postdoctoral projects.

Participants took a group photo


       At the meeting, Dr. Yuan Bowen gave a detailed report on the subject background and significance of the opening report, the main research content, research plan and feasibility, research ideas and expected goals, innovation points, etc. The subject closely revolves around the field of high-quality and high-performance production early warning systems for audio products

Dr. Yuan Bowen made an opening report

        The participating review experts carefully listened to Dr. Yuan Bowen's opening report, reviewed and asked questions about the subject content with a highly responsible attitude and rigorous and standardized academic spirit, and put forward valuable guiding opinions on how to improve the on-site research.

        After deliberation, the expert review group believed that the research content of Dr. Yuan Bowen's research closely conformed to the development trend of the industry, had good innovation, the technical route and research methods were reasonable, the goals could be tested, and the research foundation was solid. They unanimously agreed to open the topic.


        First Audio has always attached great importance to the introduction and training of talents. In the early days of its establishment, First Audio invested heavily in the establishment of an enterprise technology center. It has successively established in-depth "industry-university-research" cooperation with many colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. In 2013, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee approved the establishment of a national postdoctoral research workstation.

        Up to now, three postdoctoral fellows have entered and exited First Audio Postdoctoral Research Workstation, and have completed the technical research of related projects, providing strong technical support for the company's personnel training, optimization of current products, and development and development of new products.

        The successful holding of the postdoctoral opening report has laid a solid foundation for First Audio to carry out the construction of a postdoctoral workstation, and also provided a talent guarantee for the high-quality development of First Audio in the future.