Case application-Xi'an Chang'an International Cinema (Jing'an store)

July 20, 2023

        As the only provincial-level state-owned cinema in Shaanxi Province, Chang'an Cinemas follows closely the spiritual and cultural needs of Xi'an citizens and creates a modern cinema brand of "Chang'an International Cinema".

        Chang'an International Cinema (Jing'an Branch) is located in Anhui Life Outlet in Jing'an, west of the ancient city, with a total area of 3,300 square meters. The cinema has 9 projection halls with a total of 1,131 sofa seats, and is committed to creating a new comprehensive movie space that integrates movie viewing, leisure, experience and other elements.

        The 9 projection halls in the cinema all use First Audio Cinema sound reproduction series products, one of which adopts First Audio panoramic sound reproduction system, which is characterized by putting movie viewers in the middle of sound and picture. With the change of movie screen, the entire sound field fills the auditorium, giving people the enjoyment of vision, feeling and sound beyond the effect of the environment.

         First Audio has been serving movies with heart for 23 years. It has been working hard to focus on the research and development of movie sound reproduction equipment, and has always firmly supported the development of the Chinese film industry. The market share has been far ahead for 15 consecutive years, and more than 700 million people in China have experienced the joy and shock of movies in Fidek immersive sound field.

         Now the project has successfully passed the acceptance test and is put into use. The owner is very satisfied with the final sound effect of the theater. This is another masterpiece of First Audio sound reproduction system solution, which has been applied in many large domestic theaters.