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■Cinema Six Sound System is an immersive auditorium with panoramic sound that Fidek has registered as a patent and has built a certain number of auditoriums. The system adopts 15.1 format. On the basis of traditional 5.1 channels, the main channel system behind the screen is expanded to 5 channels of left, left center, center, right center, and right, and the surround sound system is expanded to left ring, right ring, left ring, and left ring. 4-way rear ring, right rear ring, etc., and added 2 independent top-floor surround sound channels on the left top floor and right top floor, and 2-way sound channels on the underground floor, so that the sound is emitted from six sides of the space, the purpose is Restore the listening environment of people in real space.                         

■ Cinema Six Sound System is based on the characteristics of people receiving sounds from all directions in the real environment, based on the differences in the positioning accuracy and positioning mechanism of people on the horizontal plane and vertical plane, and the human perception of the distance between up and down sounds The results of the positioning research carried out detailed theoretical verification on the speakers on the top floor and the speakers on the basement floor, and confirmed the rationality of the number of speaker channels used. Through a large number of subjective evaluation tests, the specific playback content of the sounds on the top floor and the basement floor were obtained, and Come up with your own unique algorithm. 

■ The most unique feature of the system is that all the bass channels in the movie sound system are controlled by an independent intelligent intensified bass processor (V1.0 version), that is, to control the original 1 subwoofer channel, 1-way surround sound bass compensation path, 2-way bass path included in the basement, and intelligent intensified bass path specially developed for six-sided sound system. Intelligently process the bass part of the movie sound, so as to increase the audience's viewing experience when watching different types of movies. 

■ The system creates a brand-new sound world for the audience not just to "watch" the movie, but to "experience" the movie immersively from the aspects of sound field structure and bass configuration. Putting movie viewers in the sound and picture, with the transformation of the movie picture, the entire sound field is filled with the theater, and the vision, feeling and sound sense give people the enjoyment beyond the environmental effect. 

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