Solution for small and medium-sized halls in movie theaters

Solution Description
Digital Cinema Sound Return System Suite(Suitable for small to medium sized theaters with 50-150 people)
Solution Feature

    Digital cinema sound return system is based on the sound channel theater standards, in order to make the film in the projection of the sound can be restored to the real, sound return system to 7.1 digital audio decoder as the core set up. This decoder can also be debugged wirelessly, in different locations within the venue for hassle-free all-round debugging.

Product Feature/System Connection Diagram

    The main amplified horn in this program is mounted on a stand that can be moved horizontally and adjusted up and down in angle. The uniquely designed tweeter provides perfect mid- and high-frequency coverage, improving the clarity and intelligibility of movie dialog; At the same time, the selection of 8-12 10-inch special surround speakers to improve the sense of sound envelopment, so that every audience to experience a great sense of sound and image, surrounded by a sense of shocking sense of presence.


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