FMS-10E / FMS-12E / FMS-15E

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●   Two-unit two-way full-range high sound pressure high-sensitivity speaker, 

    high-power woofer. A 1.75" tweeter. Innovative horn design, 80° X 50° coverage 

    angle, so that the coverage is wider and the positioning is more accurate.

●   Accurate phase correction, flexible hanging system, convenient configuration 

    of different hanging brackets and hanging methods. High-quality units with 

    excellent performance indicators.

●   Unique treble electronic dynamic protection circuit is adopted to ensure the 

    safety of the unit.

●   The box body is made of solid birch plywood and waterproof & wear-resistant 

    surface coating, which can withstand the test of wind, sunlight, rain and other 

    harsh environments

●   With Triumph series subwoofer and amplifier, it forms a complete high-quality 

    professional audio system.


     Model     FMS-10E
     FMS-12E     FMS-15E
     Type     Two-way Speaker     Two-way Speaker     Two-way Speaker
     Frequency Range     60Hz-20KHz     53Hz-20KHz     45Hz-20KHz
     Directivity(HxV)     80°×50°     80°×50°     80°×50°
     Impedance     8Ω     8Ω     8Ω
     Rated Power     300W     450W     500W
     Sensitivity     97dB     99dB     100dB
     Max. SPL     124dB     125dB     130dB
     Low Frequency Unit     10"×1     12"×1     15"×1
     High Frequency Unit     1.35"×1     1.75"×1     3"×1
     Dimension     343×320×530mm     393×365×590mm     462×445×710mm
     Weight     18Kg     23Kg     32Kg