FDS-100NC / FDS-120NC / FDS-150NC

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●   The woofer is designed with aluminum basin frame and pure aluminum 

     flat wire, equipped with original heat dissipation function, high power and 

    good performance;

●   The tweeter adopts a composite film compression driver, which has high 

    sensitivity and long transmission distance;

●   The original heat dissipation function design quickly dissipates the heat 

    generated by the voice coil to ensure the stability of the unit under long-term 

    and large dynamic conditions;

●   The cabinet is made of birch plywood, which is light in weight and high in 

    strength, which can effectively suppress the resonance of the cabinet and 

    reduce distortion;

●   Self-designed cast aluminum base, reliable and durable, with excellent strength;

●   Good directivity, 90°×50° pointing angle, in order to obtain wide-coverage 

    sound reinforcement range;

●   Flexible and convenient multiple hanging installation methods, suitable for 

    places with different structures;


     MODEL     FDS-100NC
     FDS-120NC     FDS-150NC
     Type     Two-Way Speaker     Two-Way Speaker     Two-Way Speaker
     Frequency Range     65Hz-20KHz     45Hz-20KHz     40Hz-20KHz
     Directivity(HxV)     90°×50°     90°×50°     90°×50°
     Impedance     8Ω     8Ω     8Ω
     Rated Power     300W     450W     500W
     Sensitivity     97dB     99dB     102dB
     Max. SPL     123dB     126dB     130dB
     Low Frequency Unit     10"×1     12"×1     15"×1
     High Frequency Unit     1.35" ×1     1.75" ×1     1.75" ×1
     Dimension     330×330×530mm     400×400×650mm     460×450×720mm
     Weight     13Kg     22Kg     28Kg