1024SI Mini pearl console

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Features & Specifications:

●   Item No.: FLKH-1028SI.

●   DMX512 / 1990 standard, up to 1024 DMX channels.

●   2 DMX output, with Artnet output. Maximum 

    control: 120pcs fixtures.

●   Address code of computer lamp Support.

●   Lamp horizontal and vertical switching Support.

●   Lamp channel reverse output Support.

●   Lamp channel slide mode switching Support.

●   The maximum available control channels of each 

    computer lamp 40 main channels + 40 fine tuning 


●   Lamp Library support pearl R20 lamp library.

●   Number of saved scenes 60.

●   Number of scenes that can run at the same time 10.

●   Total steps of multi-step scenes 600.

●   Scene time control fade in, fade out, LTP slide.

●   Each scene can store the number of graphics 5

●   Fader starts scene and dimming Support.

●   Interlock scene Support.

●   Point control scene Support.

●   Graph generator can generate dimmer, P / T, RGB, 

    CMY, color, gobo, iris, focus graphs.

●   Number of simultaneous operation figures 5.

●   Master Fader Global, reply, lamps.

●   Black field now Support.

●   Turntable adjustment channel value Support.

●   Fader adjustment channel value Support.

●   Fader dimming Support.

●   U disk reading support FAT32 format.

●   MIDI music synchronization Suppport.

●   Create / edit lamp libray Support.

●   Program backup and recovery Support.

●   Fader starts scene and dimming Support Weight 

    23.5kg in flight case, 13kg in carton.

●   Product dimension: L500*W460*H120MM.