FNB-SC6560W / FNB-SC6560S

IP active column sound/IP passive column sound
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●   It can be directly connected to local area network (LAN) or wide area network 

    (WAN), can play network audio, and can accept access and control of servers 

    and other IP network devices.

●   Powerful network audio playback function, which can be used independently in 

    the network, and can directly play network audio signals from IP network audio 

    matrix and IP network radio.

●   It can accept the control of the server in the main control room and the control 

    of the sub-control point computer, and it has an offline function, which can directly 

    accept the control of internal communication intercom equipment such as network 

    fire matrix and network paging microphone without the server. Or emergency tasks 

    such as firefighting can respond more quickly and reliably.

●   It can be matched with a channel selector, and can be selected and listened to 

    among multiple sets of audio channel audio programs transmitted at the same 

    time. The audio channel programs can come from the server, or from the IP 

    network audio matrix or IP network radio.

●   Support outdoor waterproof function.

●   One external attachment box is supported.

●   Support maximum 48KHZ sampling rate 16Bit MP3/ WAV/PCM decoding.

●   Built-in 2*40W stereo digital power amplifier, the temperature rise of the 

    power amplifier is low, safe and reliable, suitable for long-term work.

●   Low power consumption design, can automatically switch to standby 

    mode when there is no signal.


     Network interface     standard RJ45, 1 10M/100M network port
     Support protocols

     TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, FTP, ICMP, ARP, support

     cros s-gateway cross-routing configuration, 

     with offline function

     Audio format

     PCM (uncompressed format), ADPCM, MP3,

     WAV, OGG

     Standby     no signal standby
     Network delay

     File playback: less than 50ms, real-time

     speech: less than 150ms, with automatic 

     caching function;

     Transmission rate     10/100Mbps
     Audio mode     network data package, CD quality
     Frequency response     20Hz~16KHz
     Harmonic distortion     ≤0.3%
     Signal-to-noise ratio (20Hz-20KHz, full power)     >75dB
     Line input level     250mV RCA
     Local audio input interface     two Line in (line input)
     Rated output     2*60W constant resistance output
     Working temperature     -20℃~+60℃
     Working humidity     10% to 90%
     Power consumption     ≤50W
     Power adapter input power     AC100-240V 50/60Hz
     Unit configuration     1" horn tweeter x1, 6.5" bass x1

     100-20kHz, two-way two-way frequency

     column speaker

     Aluminum speaker, 8 ohm system, rated power 60W
     Support outdoor waterproof function, support an external attachment box


     Aluminum speaker, 4 ohm system, rated power 60W
     Unit configuration     1" horn tweeter x1, 6.5" bass x2

     90-20kHz, two-way two-way frequency

      column speaker