3-Way Luxurious Cinema  Main Speaker

  • The low-frequency system uses a double 18′′ 100-core long-stroke design, which maximizes the use of magnetic force while boosting the power to 160W.
  • The cabinet adopts scientific design and inverting tubes which are accurately calculated to make it meet the requirements of the woofer's parameters, so as to obtain a very powerful low-frequency effect. The four 10-inch midrange units all use high-performance magnetic circuit design, which reduces the weight and improves the sensitivity of the unit, and also increases the power of each unit to 350W. • It satisfies the demand for high power.
  • The system will use a new 4" high frequency unit, which uses a large magnetic circuit design, which not only improves the sensitivity, but also effectively reduces the distortion and makes the sound more realistic.
  • This system is suitable for large movie halls, bringing the sound effects of the IMAX cinema to a higher level.

Speaker Unit

18"x2 + 10"x4 + 3"x1

Frequency Response  

30Hz ~ 20kHz


LF: 4Ω
  M/HF: 8Ω

Rated Output Power

LF: 1600W
  MF: 1400W
  HF: 150W


LF: 100dB
  MF: 106dB
  HF: 113dB

HxV Angle

90° x 50° (+20° to -30°) 


LF/M: 250Hz
  M/HF: 1.3kHz



Dimensions (WxDxH)  

LF: 760 x 605 x 1245 mm
  M/HF: 760 x 450 x 1665 mm

Net Weights

LF: 89.2kg
  M/HF: 58kg