3-Way Luxurious Cinema  Main Speaker

  • FDM-12600MA is a three-way system specially designed for IMAX cinema that features big pressure output and very even sound coverage. A special high frequency horn with a 3 inch (75 cm) titanium diaphragm compression drive unit; IF system uses two 10-inch high-power drive units with special horn plus phase coupling technology to improve the frequency dispersion characteristics and audio performance. It also equalizes the pressure in front of the unit and can significantly reduce distortion.
  • This medium-high frequency system can not only meet the needs of high power, but also ensure that the dialogue is clear and easy to understand. The low-frequency system uses four 15-inch low-frequency speaker units rated at up to 1600W.
  • Three-way  frequency,   dual  or  three-way  drive  can   be selected.
  • The IF uses phase-plug technology to improve the clarity of the dialogue.
  • With a depth of only 17.3 inches (44 cm), it is ideal for theaters with a limited distance from the screen to the back wall.
  • The horizontal coverage angle is 90 degrees, vertical coverage is positive 20 degrees negative 30 degrees.
  • Middle and high frequencies can be adjusted up and down/left and right.

Speaker Unit

15"x4 + 10"x2 + 3"x1

Frequency Response  

30Hz ~ 20kHz


4Ω+4Ω drive by dual amplifier
  HF: 8Ω

Rated Output Power

LF: 1600W
  HF: 400W


LF: 103dB
  M/HF: 106dB

HxV Angle

90° x 30° (+20° to -30°) 


LF/M: 250Hz
  M/HF: 1.7kHz



Dimensions (WxDxH)  

LF: 1520 x 480 x 850 mm
  M/HF: 760 x 440 x 1550 mm

Net Weights

LF: 142kg
  M/HF: 45kg