3-Way Top-class Cinema Main Speaker

  • Three-way, two- or three-way drive selectable
  • Double ten inch medium frequency system, high power, low distortion
  • Middle and high frequencies can be adjusted up and down, left and right
  • Uses phase plug coupling technology to improve the clarity of the dialogue.
  • Thin in dept, very suitable for cinemas with limited distance to the back wall
  • Built-in passive crossover, through accurate frequency division design, make the high, medium and bass work in the optimal frequency range respectively, so as to guarantee the accurate and distortion-free restoration of film sound signal
  • The speaker uses a 15-inch woofer, a 6.5-inch midrange driver and a 1.75-inch tweeter, where the tweeter and the midrange driver use constant directional horns. This makes it more sensitive and clearer in language.

Speaker Unit

15"x2 + 10"x2 + 3"x1

Frequency Response  

30Hz ~ 20kHz


LF: 4Ω
  M/HF: 8Ω

Rated Output Power

LF: 1200W
  M/HF: 400W


LF: 100dB
  M/HF: 106dB

HxV Angle

90° x 40°


LF/M: 210Hz
  M/HF: 1.7kHz



Dimensions (WxDxH)  

LF: 760 x 481 x 875 mm
  M/HF: 760 x 440 x 1550 mm

Net Weights

LF: 65.9kg
  M/HF: 45kg