Digital Cinema Audio Processor

  • New appearance and software design, simpler operation, more convenient use and more stable work.
  • Support a variety of audio signal input, so that users can make corresponding choices for different audio signals.
  • Supports decoding of 8 digital audio signal inputs of 2K digital cinema server.
  • Support one-way optical fiber coaxial digital audio input.
  • Supports frequency division, equalization, gain adjustment of the main speaker, and powerful digital signal processing capability.
  • Built-in Fidek sound system FD, FDM series speaker technical parameters, easy to debug the entire process; built-in standard test program standard test signal, standard test microphone, can accurately debug the theater audio equipment.
  • Through the network equipment of the theater, FDT-8000 can centrally debug, monitor and control the sound-receiving equipment of multiple cinemas in the computer room.
  • upport data backup card, one machine and one card, the card is automatically updated, no need for professional re-commissioning when the equipment is interchanged.
  • All digital and analog input signals are ground-separated input technology to ensure minimum system noise and lower requirements for the cinema ground environment.
  • Fidek’s R&D team have optimized and upgraded all the chips and other parts, like Crossover, Channel Filter, EQ, DSP, and audio code rate, etc. Audio post-processing become more accurate.
  • TCP/IP for networking, more convenient for TMS/NOC system control.

Maximum input level

Synchronize 12dBu; Asynchronous15dBu

Frequency Response  



≤0.1% (A weight)



EQ control

31 section EQ±12dB(:±0.1dB)

Crossover Point

12dB multiplier / -24dB multiplier, 12 frequency points per octave

Delay after frequency division

Treble, bass 0-4msr, in steps of 0.1ms

Surround delay  

0-150ms, support formula calculation in 1ms steps

Power Input

100-220V; 50Hz/60Hz

Dimension( W×D×H)mm