2-Way Cinema Main Speaker

  • This series uses a number of advanced technologies, including mid-frequency phase correction, high-frequency horn compensation for screen scattering characteristics etc., to provide top-level audition effects service.
  • Ultra-thin cabinet´╝îless than 0.5m, perfectly useful for limited space. Built-in crossover network and specially designed horn provide a perfect dynamic range and uniform sound field coverage for the modern movie enthusiasts.
  • High dynamic range of bass, wonderful HD of mid-range and subtlety of treble. Every single part is produced by Fidek’s own mould.

Speaker Unit

15"x2  + 10"x1+3"x1

Frequency Response  

40Hz ~ 16kHz


 LF:4Ω  M/HF:8Ω

Rated  Power

 LF:1000W M/HF:450W


LF:100dB M/HF:106dB

HxV Angle

90° x 40°

Crossover Point

 LF:250Hz M/HF:1.2kHz 

Dimensions (WxDxH)

LF: 760 x 480 x 850 mm
M/HF: 760 x 480 x 972 mm

Net Weights

LF: 71kg
M/HF: 37kg