Founded in 1981, First Audio Manufacturing (H.K.) Limited is a well-established electronic audio products manufacturer dedicated to the making of a wide range of fine speakers and high quality home and professional audio equipments.


First Audio is a Hong Kong company and 100% privately owned enterprise. Our head office is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Our factory plant is located in Hua Du, Guangzhou, China., sized over 100,000 square meters, with an entire workforce consists of:

Management Team
Q.A. & Q.C. Inspection
Research & Development
Research & Development
Sales and Marketing

We specialize in different areas of the manufacturing processes from products development to finish in-house and shipping service providing customers with a one-stop solution. Our extensive in-house capability enables us to have a total control over quality, efficiency and product cost. We are flexible enough to handle projects in various sizes and natures with a competitive price, while always adding value to products. We take each procedure seriously and are closely involved in each step to ensure the best quality and on time delivery.

Our Mission To Top Quality, Efficiency, Professional and Modernity. In order to maintain our excellence and competitiveness, all our staff are required to undergo professional trainings conducted by specialties periodically. We believe by doing so, we will keep up with this fast moving industry in view of excellent workmanship, high efficiency, productivity and modernity. Furthermore, to ensure all our products are with top quality and keep up with the digital trend, our material purchasing team carefully selects the finest materials for our production. All these factors come together with our computerized equipments and advanced testing equipments, trendy products with the highest quality yet competitive price become possible to find from us.

As an ISO9001 certified company, we supply the finest products to our customers. To become competitive and successful in this ever-changing technology market & challenging industry, strict safety and Q.C. standards are implemented. All Q.C. procedures are conducted in-house to ensure all products are up-to-standard before delivering to customers. We are also licensed by Dolby Digital and DTS.

Our Brand Names

Our brand names FIDEK, DJ-Tech are among the best quality and popular brand names in various countries worldwide. The full ranged designs and styles provide customers with a variety of choices to meet their living and needs.